Friday, February 24, 2012

Crazy Sore Nipples

I am still breastfeeding, going on 11 months, and it had been going swimmingly except for the past two days.

I started ovulating the day before yesterday and OUCH! It hurt! I haven't felt that particular pain in about 18 months. Then on top of that, my nipples got crazy sore. It feels like the first two weeks of breastfeeding did (unpleasant) except, I'm doing everything right. Great latch, etc.

I was going crazy last night, Baby Bear was waking up what seemed like every 30 minutes and my nips were saying uncle. I was frustrated and I wasn't very nice. I said things like "Dude! Are you serious!?" "Why can't you go back to sleep without boobie!?" and "You are on my very last nerve kiddo!" Then I got boogers on me and realized he wasn't doing it just to push my buttons, he was congested and wasn't sleeping well either.

So after doing some rare housework I got on the ole' computer and Googled my problem. I found MANY pages with people experiencing the same sucky feeling. Hooray for shared misery! says
Sore nipples during ovulation: Evening primrose oil
Some mothers have found that taking one capsule per day of evening primrose oil can be helpful for preventing sore nipples due to hormonal changes during ovulation or around the time of menstruation.

I happen to have some EPO in my cupboard, I took it recently and I am hopeful that it will stop this madness!

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