Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enough About Me...

... for now. Lets talk about Baby Bear! BB is nearly 10 months old and is still toothless. I think that's going to change soon, he has been chewing on things more than usual. He pretty much attacks his socks when they aren't on his feet. He chews on his own shoes (we only have them to keep his feet covered in the stroller, he can't stand in them!), and is quite violent with wet washcloths.

He says mamamama all the time now, and maaam sometimes when I reappear in a room. It's heartwarming. He tries to eat people's  faces, but I'll chalk that up to giving kisses, not being a crazy cannibal.

He still gives me a rough time of it when it comes to diaper changes. I often let him wander around without a diaper at first diaper change to let his nethers air dry, but sometimes he pees on the carpet (which is bound to happen when you let a baby run around diaperless). Maybe I'll try singing cool songs to rewire his diaper changing attitude. Or maybe it is a matter of location? I don't know, I just know that as soon as you try to put this kid's junk away in a diaper he gets pissed off.

He walks with his haba discovery wagon and sit/stand walker (just not very far, they get away from him pretty quickly). He also walks/side sidles about the livingroom using the furniture to keep himself steady.

His favorite activity, besides nursing, remains to be dumping out the cat's food and then flinging it about. He has fine pincer picking up ability (makes sense to me!) from picking up pieces of catfood. And he doesn't try to eat it (so far)!

So far all this kid has actually eaten is a smidge of mashed potato, some licks of crazy bread seasoning, marinara sauce (because he got it all over the place knocking a container down), and bits of paper from chewing on paper (which I try to stop him from doing now). He just isn't interested in food yet.

Breastfeeding is still going wonderfully. We are almost at 10 months which is fantastic. Hooray! Unfortunately my period has come back. So that sucks. But, on the upswing, now I get to look into cloth menstrual pads. I'm going to try my hand at making my own. I've gotten a little better with my sewing machine.

And my family cloth (more like me, myself, and I cloth) is working great. I wish I'd done a better job serging the edges, but overall they are holding up well. And they are niiiice. I hijacked BB's wipes warmer (Its okay though, I microwave his wipes so they aren't cold). No more bits of TP all up in my lady parts.


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