Friday, March 23, 2012

My Baby is a Toddler!

HOLY CRAP! Baby Bear is now Toddler Bear! We survived year one. Still breastfeeding.

Toddler Bear prefers running to walking, even though it leads to more tripping. He finally has teeth! Two on bottom, one out and one just peeking out. I'm actually glad that it has taken this long for him to get teeth, he really hasn't been extra cranky. No tremendous amounts of drool. The only teething related crying was when he fell on his behind and bit his tongue. So thank you Universe for that.

Diaper changes have become a challenge if I try and do them laying down. So lately I've been doing them standing up in the bathroom. I'll put TB in the bathtub and have him pee (I clap and say "Yay, pee pee!" when he pees) then I take him out, wipe him up and let him air dry, then try to snap a diaper on him. Half the time its a breeze, the other half is either difficult or impossible.

We got a Prince Lionheart potty for him for one of his [my] birthday gifts. I'm not trying to potty train him, just get him used to the potty. If pee goes in it excellent. If he goes on the floor next to it, at least he was close. I just like emptying his bladder before I put another diaper on him. Might as well do it in a potty. The only trouble with the potty is that his feet don't touch the floor and it is awkward for him. So I'll probably put it away for a few more months.

Besides that, I'm looking into cloth diaper training pants because I need something that pulls on. This chasing the kid around the bathroom is getting old. Mostly because I'm always hitting my head on the counter. I'm going to have to seel the diapers I already own to afford the pull ups so I want to be sure that I pick the right ones. I've got it narrowed down to the GroVia My Choice Trainer or Sprout Change Cloth Trainers. I've been leaning more towards the Sprouts, but I discovered the GroVia ones today and they look pretty cool. So I'm torn. If anyone has experience with these can you tell me what you liked and did not like about them?

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