Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Insides Hurt

I have ulcerative colitis, and it is a whole lot of no fun.

I'm having a pretty wicked flare up right now and it makes me sad.

I don't have health insurance right now so it's a bit worrisome.

Everything seems overwhelming right now.

On that depressing note, I've decided to switch myself from toilet paper, to family cloth. I use way too much toilet paper with my issues and I never feel like I'm 100% clean after I use the bathroom. So family cloth it is. I've been looking for a small trash can that will fit my thristies wet bag and nothing seems to be small enough. I'm hoping a coffee can will work. I'm going to put cute contact paper on the outside and have a nice little wipes bin.  Going to buy some cute flannel and use my friend's serger to finish the edges. I might even steal Baby Bear's wipes warmer for myself, seeing as we haven't been using it.  That's my plan anyway.

On the baby front:
Baby Bear is standing. He can't stand more than 2 seconds without support but he can do it. He shuffles around as long as he is holding onto something. He is back to throwing fits and trying to escape when I change his diaper. I've had to employ the leg over the baby technique to get the job done.

He hits his head about 30 times a day. He likes to try to go between things he can't really fit through, like between the couch and footstool.

Still no teeth.

Still breastfeeding with no problems to report.

He says mama. A lot. Sometimes he even means me! He says daadaadaadaadaadaa when he is frustrated. Poor Papa Bear.