Monday, May 21, 2012

Prepare for Brain Dump...3...2...1...

Not so secret confession, I accidentally spilled hot dog juice into the huge pitcher of lemonade in the fridge. I'm drinking a glass now. It seems fine.

We've finally started baby led solids. Toddler Bear is 14 months old and finally semi interested in actual food. We finally bought a high chair and so far I am quite happy with it. The Antilop high chair from IKEA kicks ass. It's cheap, but sturdy, and SIMPLE. So far, no nooks or crannies, and you can take the restraints off to clean them. The only con so far is that it is only a 3 point harness. Oh no, I have to actually WATCH my kid while he's strapped in? Such is life.

I'm thinking about taking up roller blading. I've got some thigh fat that I wouldn't mind being rid of. Plus it seems like a lot of fun.

I suck at being paleo. Avoiding gluten is easy enough after a fashion, but everything else that tastes good is hard for me not to stuff down my gullet.

I've been taking probiotics before bed and after I wake up in an effort to help heal my poor abused guts. I think they're helping so far, though it's only been a few days.

I got the beach blanket bingo swimsuit from and it is so pretty. I even look good in it. Aside from the thigh spillage. But roller blading will help with that.

I need to invite people over for play dates more often. It forces me to clean my floors.

I am going to be an IBCLC. I am. I also would like to be a La Leche League Leader. That's a little slow going though. I suppose I should get off my hiney and do something about it.

Yesterday I cleaned off the top of my fridge. It was cluttered and dusty. I also organized the tupperware shelf and pantry area. I opened well over 100 old tea bag pouches and cut the tops off to keep the little staples out of my compost pile. I now have two composts. One is in an upsidedown trash can with the bottom cut off and the other is a tumbling composter.

I hope to take a sewing class soon. I don't know what I'll sew afterwards, but I'll be able to do a better job than I do at present.

Ahh. That felt good.


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