Monday, August 27, 2012


I was using Disqus but I've gone back to the regular blogger comments, just in case I was alienating anyone. So hopefully I am not now alienating Disqus peoples. Sorry! Though, it isn't as if I'm super famous and popular so I don't think I need to worry about it too much. 

The End.

Master of Poop

Yes. I am the master of poop. It has become so much more interesting now that the little monster is actually eating real food. We have subscribed to baby led weaning as I'm sure I probably mentioned somewhere around here. In the last few months he has really gotten into the whole eating scene. So, his poops have gotten more interesting.

I think last month I got a 4x4 protein style from In-N-Out and I forgot to ask for no tomato. I removed the offending tomato and left it in the bag. Somehow little monster gets a hold of the bag (I'm guessing he used the force) and starts om nomming on the tomato. This is totally great, someone to eat my tomato! Well, two days later, he poops and I see a bunch of red in there and I start freaking out, so of course I investigate the poop. My old job was to clean up dog poop all day so I'm really not squeamish with poop (and really, if you're a mom, you deal with a lot of shit all the time, poop and otherwise). So I'm digging through his poop and I see a big red chunk, i dig it out and it's the tomato! Phew!

Other neat things I've found are pieces of paper with legible writing, [very recently] a piece of pool noodle (scary!), plant matter from the garden, whole pieces of broccoli and carrot (well, enough that you can still tell that they are broccoli and carrot). Wow, that really doesn't sound all that interesting, but I bet you know what I mean and where I'm coming from.

In case you don't know why I'd even be looking through poop in the first place, i cloth diaper and you have to get the poop off the diaper before you throw it in the laundry pail or you're going to have poo chunks in your washer for a few washes. I don't have a diaper sprayer so I have to scrape or pick the poop off the diaper before I spray it off with the shower hose. So glamorous is my life!

It is fun to get him to eat new things. Most things he's had an inkling of the taste because of the whole breastfeeding thing. I eat a lot of garlic and onion. In fact, he likes raw onion just fine! He enjoyed some slightly spicy pad thai the other night, and he grabbed a plum off the counter as I walked by while holding him and he ate 4/5ths of it! I was quite impressed. It's great to see his facial expressions, especially when he looooves something. He LOVES strawberries.

So, that's my post about poop. Have a great day!

Friday, August 24, 2012

ReBlog - Zen Parenting: My Own Time Magazine Cover

Zen Parenting: My Own Time Magazine Cover: I don't know why Time Magazine didn't ask ME to pose for their cover. With this one shot, I could've shown the world EXACTLY what it's like...

I always feel like I have nothing to blog about until I leave a comment on someone else's blog. I usually have a lot to say, but I get thwarted by the limited capabilities of my iPad, or my toddler. Usually both at the same time. It has taken me 20 minutes to type this out so far. I have to keep shutting the lid and telling the little Monster that we don't play with the laptop. I'm also not used to this laptop and I keep sending my cursor all over the place without realizing it and typing out sentences in the void of space.

I saw the above blog post on the Peaceful Parenting Facebook page. I wasn't a reader before, but I am now! I just love how real it is. The picture is worth much more than 1000 words.

A few commenters thought it was gross or crossing a boundary, but most of them had been there too. I've certainly had this happen many times. With my digestive issues, there have been days that I've been to the restroom upwards of 8 times, sometimes spending a really long time sitting with intestinal cramping waiting for something to happen. Unless it was nap time, this kid would come and find me. If the door is shut, he will knock and yell until I let him in, so I just don't shut the door anymore.

Since we are still living with my parents, this can cause interesting and embarrassing situations. The last time I ate something with gluten I was sitting on the toilet with the door open so the little Monster could find me. My dad happened to walk by and looked at me weird and I just said, "Sorry, this is how I roll now."

Another great thing my child does while I'm sitting on the toilet is... steals the toilet paper! He always manages to do this when it is the last roll!